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Welcome to Sohni Beauty Parlor, where tradition meets the latest beauty trends to offer you exceptional threading services. Our salon specializes in providing precise and gentle threading treatments that cater to your specific needs, ensuring a smooth, clean look that enhances your natural beauty. we believe in the art of threading as a fundamental beauty ritual that not only shapes and defines but also rejuvenates your skin, leaving it looking flawless and radiant.

Eyes Brows

Transform your look with our expert eyebrow threading services. Our skilled beauticians meticulously shape your brows to perfection, enhancing the natural arch and symmetry of your face. Whether you desire a bold, dramatic look or a more natural, refined shape, we tailor our services to meet your individual style and preferences.

  • Precision Shaping and Styling: Utilizing a combination of techniques including threading, waxing, and tweezing, we shape your eyebrows to perfection, considering your face shape, features, and personal style for results that complement you beautifully.

  • Eyebrow Tinting: Enhance the color, shape, and thickness of your eyebrows with our professional tinting services. Perfect for those looking to add definition or for a fuller look without the daily need for makeup.

  • Microblading: For long-lasting, natural-looking brows, explore our microblading services. Our experts meticulously create hair-like strokes to fill in sparse areas, reshape, and refine your brows, ensuring they look flawless every day, with minimal upkeep.



Achieve a smoother, more defined facial contour with our chin threading services. This treatment removes unwanted hair, providing a clean and sleek appearance. Say goodbye to stubble and hello to soft, smooth skin that feels just as good as it looks.

  • Gentle on the Skin: Unlike other hair removal methods that can be harsh on the skin, threading is gentle and non-invasive. It effectively removes hair without the use of chemicals or heat, making it an ideal choice for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

  • Long-lasting Results: Threading pulls hair from the root, which means slower regrowth and longer-lasting smoothness. Enjoy a beautifully clean and defined chin area for weeks, with minimal maintenance required between appointments.

Upper Lip

Eliminate unwanted fuzz and enjoy a clearer, more polished look with our upper lip threading. This precise technique offers a quick and effective solution for removing fine hairs, resulting in a cleaner makeup application and a boost in confidence.

  • Precision and Perfection: Our skilled beauticians use the traditional art of threading to remove even the finest hairs with unparalleled precision. This meticulous approach ensures a perfectly smooth upper lip area, enhancing your facial features and makeup application.

  • Gentle Touch for Sensitive Skin: Threading is renowned for its gentle nature, making it an ideal hair removal method for the delicate skin around the upper lip. Unlike waxing or depilatory creams, threading does not involve chemicals or excessive pulling, reducing the risk of irritation and redness.



Complete your facial threading experience with our forehead service. This treatment not only removes unwanted hair but also helps in achieving a seamless blend between your hairline and face, giving you a neat, well-groomed appearance.

  • Gentle and Effective: Threading is celebrated for its gentle approach to hair removal, especially important for the sensitive skin on the forehead. This technique minimizes irritation, avoiding the harshness associated with waxing or chemical treatments, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

  • Longer Lasting, Smoother Results: By removing hair from the root, threading ensures slower regrowth and maintains your beautifully smooth forehead for longer periods. Enjoy the confidence of a flawless complexion with minimal upkeep.

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Over Pricing



    • Full Face  (15$)
    • Full Arms  (15$)
    • Full Body  (95$)
    • Full Legs  (30$)
    • Bikine Line  (15$)
    • Brazilian Lin  (30$)
    • Back  (20$)
    • Stomach (20$)
    • Under Arms (5$)
    • Side  (10$)



    • Bleach  (10$)
    • Gold Facial  (60$)
    • Diamond Facial  (65$)
    • Casmara Facial  (85$)
    • Lotus Gold Sheen  (65$)
    • Anti Aging Facial  (120$)
    • Oxygen Facial  (120$)
    • MicroNeedling  (150$)



    • Eyes Brows  (5$)
    • Chin  (3$)
    • Under Lip  (2$)
    • Forehead  (3$)
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    Our parlor is conveniently located at 3 Gladiolus St, Brampton, ON, designed with the comfort and privacy of our lady clients in mind.

    We specialize in a variety of beauty treatments exclusively for women, including facials, massages, waxing, threading, bridal and party makeup, hair styling, and spa treatments. Each service is tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

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    Absolutely! We provide bespoke bridal makeup packages that include a consultation to ensure we perfectly match your vision for your special day. Our packages can be customized to include pre-wedding treatments as well.

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    At Sohni Beauty Parlor, we adhere to stringent hygiene protocols, including sanitizing stations before and after each client, using disposable items wherever possible, and ensuring our staff wears protective gear.

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